Last weekend when I went to my aunt’s house, I passed by at one of SM malls.  MYMP was having a mall tour for their new album, MYMP Now.  I was apparently the last one on the row who got the opportunity to have their signature on my CD.  Not only that, I was able to get a picture of them.  See above. 😀



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6, 8, 12

6 8 12…is a nice song from Brian McKnight.  I first heard this song when Freestyle sang their own version during their concert a long time ago.  Last night as I was listening to it, I checked that the song fits for me at the moment.  Well, anyway, nothing’s important in this post.  I just want to write a little bit of something ‘cause it’s been 6 months, 8days, and 12hours since someone stupid does stupidity.


Yesterday,, I witnessed the finals night of Pinoy Idol.  We got there in SMX around 10am and waited for like 5-6 hours for the show to start.  I’m not really a big fan of the show, I didn’t get the chance to watch it in tv ‘cause we don’t have one.  We only have the radio and newspapers as our sources of our daily dose of gossips.  The only reason I went there with my friend is because I thought JayR will be there as one radio station announced but nada…I haven’t seen any silhouette or just a look alike of him.  But it’s okay, maybe not this time…maybe a face to face encounter with him…we’ll never know when. 😀  Guys, you should check out his new Soul in Love album.  It contained his versions of great love songs like One Hundred Ways, You make me feel Brand New, No One else comes Close, Time will Reveal, Sweet Love and a lot more.  Happy Monday!


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I have this Smart bro connection and in their commercial, they say that internet connection is only P10 per 30 minutes.  Usually, I load P30 which gives me an hour and a half to surf the net.  The problem is I only get to surf only an hour with an extra of 5 minutes as the most.  I called their customer service last 3 weeks ago and gave me not so helpful solutions.  I remember what she said…”you have to make sure that you really disconnect it because if not, it will still eat up your load.”  Huh?  Of course!  That’s why I was disconnected after an hour because there’s not enough load.  I said, “I didn’t wish to be disconnected because I want to check how long it will take for my P30.  Like what I’ve said it only took me about an hour for my P30.  Where does my remaining 30 minutes go?”  She said that I could check their website so that I could closely check my remaining balance.  Err, that’s not actually my problem.  My problem is, it didn’t take me an hour and a half for my P30! Blah blah…hhmp!  I think I’m going to call them now…again.


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Feeding Dimitri

I’ve been reviewing for quite some time now but whenever I get sleepy during my review I play Feeding Frenzy, a fishing game.  I got addicted. It’s just a trial version of only 2 minutes that caught me playing for more than an hour. I think it was constructive rather than destructive on my review because it keeps me awake.  And speaking of awake, I watched that movie with Jessica Alba and Hayden Christiansen…I’m not sure of the spelling of his last name.  Well, the movie was good because of its twist at the end.  In the movie, Hayden underwent a heart surgery and was given an anesthesia but can still hear the doctor’s mistakes during the operation.  It keeps my heart pounding seeing the procedure, taking the heart out and back again.  If you’re into suspense drama movie, this one is a guarantee along with Pathology movie.



On my long time ago entry, I had talked about our cat named Dimitiri.  Now, I have his real picture. The scratches and cut on his face was the result of his sleepless nights looking for some chicklets. 😀



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Artful Dodging

I’m not sure when exactly I was tagged by dear Dhez, maybe it was just last week but here, I have it now.

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

So, I have to do this. The book that I’m reading now entitled, “Artful Dodging.” It has a subtitle, “Painless Techniques for Avoiding Anyone Anytime”. I bought this book last month in Trinoma and until now I’m not finish yet. 😀 I got busy last month because of my review. I’ve promised to finish reading it this week since I have more time till the next review. I bought this one out of curiosity and thinking that my sister would love it since she kinda introvert.

Anyway, here’s what it says in the book:

“The Human Sacrifice, which many people use without realizing it, has always been a favorite technique among my readers. It’s a clever manuever because it poses as a social grace. As long as there are other people around, you can use it to escape from a bore, a creep, or a boozer–or even just to dodge an unwanted hello kiss. ”

Did you got it? Hehe! What I like in this book is the technique itself that I don’t think is bad. It says that lies are not bad. Sometimes you need to lie to save yourself from humiliation. I agree to that. “White lies are common to us, right? It made me laughed when I’m reading it because I’m guilty. I’m a doer. 😀

Now, it’s time to tag 5 dodgers. They are Bonz, Roma, SexyEver, Baboysai and Marky.

Dhez, thanks for this one. 😀


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behind bars

Sa mga nagtatanong kung saan na ako…aba eh andito lang naman ako sa likod. Ayoko sa tabi-tabi eh. Lagi ako sa likod ng apartment namin. Nagrereview kasi ako para sa dalawang exam na kukunin ko in the next 3-4 months. Medyo matagal na rin na wala akong trabaho pero hindi rin kasi ako pwede magtrabaho kasi kelangan full-time ako sa pag-aaral. Tinawagan na nga ako ng sup ko na pumasok pero sabi ko naka-leave ako at pagkatapos ng leave ko magreresign na ako…hehe! Nagulat siguro yun. 😀

Sa totoo lang mahirap din ang ginagawa ko ngayon. Pumapasok s review center, magbabasa ng libro na parang estudyante ulit. Pero masaya dahil may mga gwapo akong kaklase…international pa…hayy, pangtanggal ng stress.

I love you Choolloooooooooooo……..parang si Cholo kasi ang isa kong kaklase. Attractive sya pero wala akong naramdaman like any sexual desire…achochooo. Tama na nga ‘to bka ma-ban pa ako.


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Magic Cook

Hindi ko alam kung bakit Magic Cook ang title ng post na ito.  Ito lang ang unang pumasok sa isip ko. Masaya kasi ako pag naiisip ko na nasasarapan ang aking mga kasambahay sa aking mga luto.  Kanina, ako ang nagluto para sa aming dinner.  Chicken  with tomato paste ang sabi nya na lulutuin ko.  Wala akong masyadong alam sa mga pangalan ng mga ulam. Alam ko lang sila sa itsura at dahil na rin sa ingredients.  “Panalo” and nasabi ni kuya rey na kasama ko sa bahay.  Medyo flattered ako kasi mismo chef ng Embassy bar nagsabi na masarap ang niluto ko! Hala! Hanggang ngayon nakangiti pa rin ako???

Kunti lang alam ko na mga ulam dahil mga desserts ang gusto kong gawin.  Ngayon gusto kong matuto kung pano gawin yung Karekare…isa sa paborito ko kasi yun e.  Naisip ko tuloy si Isabella.  In equality, maraming commercial si Judy Ann ngayon ha.  Hmmm..nagugutom ulit ako.



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